Our Response to COVID-19

If you need help finding our live streams or navigating facebook, please do not hesitate to contact us. We do not want you to miss out on any of our church gatherings during this time of social distancing! If you are having problems viewing our videos while they are live, they will remain online for viewing after streaming.

*Note: you will not be able to see any live videos until their scheduled time


Daily Prayer & Devotion

Carve out some time each day during this time of crisis to join us for a time of prayer and a short devotional. Pastor Josh Guajardo will be live-streaming every weekday at 2:00pm through April 13. We are excited to connect with you in a new way!

You do not need to have a facebook account in order to join our live stream! (Facebook Live videos are only available to non-users through computer access, rather than phone or tablet)

Hymn Sing

Wow! We had such a wonderful time last week hosting a hymn sing for our church family on Facebook Live. We had so much fun, we’re going to do it again!

Join us on Wednesday night at 6:00 pm on Facebook Live to request songs, praise, and worship with us.

The link above is a direct link to our church’s Facebook page. If you do not have a Facebook account, you WILL be able to access the LIVE video through a computer or laptop, but not through your phone or tablet.

Online Bible Studies

We have been working on unique and new ways to connect with each other during these times when we can’t see each other in person. All of our regular weekly bible studies have been moved to an online platform. Above, you can find a graphic with the meeting times and study topic of each of our classes.

If you are interested in joining a class, or a few, please send a message to the email provided below the class.

Our College & Career class is catered to young single adults, our Spanish Language class is catered to fluent Spanish speakers, and all other classes are open and welcome to adults in all phases of life.

Students | Grades 7-12

Words of Wisdom

Join us on Tuesdays at 7:00pm on Zoom for words of wisdom. Every week we have different adults from our church join us to talk about their life and their story of accepting Christ as their savior. Email us HERE for the zoom link.

Online Bible Study

Thursday nights at 7:00pm we have our TBSM Bible study. This time is similar to what our Wednesday nights were like before spring break!  Email us HERE for the zoom link.


Join Pastor Josh Guajardo every Sunday at 4:30 pm, ONLINE through Zoom for his Hermeneutics Bible Study

This study is open to all adults!

If you are interested in joining, please email us HERE for the Zoom link

March 24, 2020

Good afternoon Trinity,

Hope you’re having a blessed day! Our area has gotten some news about the stay at home order in Harris county and we are all working through that. But here is some good news:

Last Sunday in our first fully online service, we had a family join Trinity Baptist Church! The Hughes family that have been frequent attendees have officially joined our church and we welcome them with big smiles…although you can’t see them through our N95 masks. This is great news, rejoice with us!

Also, we realized we actually did have N95 masks in our storage facility left over from the hurricane Harvey clean-up efforts. We have donated them to 2 hospitals. The hospital staff was overjoyed to receive our donation. Thank you, Trinity!

And finally, please join Matt Martin and Judy BouKheir tomorrow, Wednesday night, March 25, at 6:00 pm LIVE on Facebook for an interactive hymn sing! We are really looking forward to this time of praise; our hearts will truly be blessed.

Thank you for giving online last Sunday through our website and mobile app. As you continue to give, we will be ready to help our church and community as these tough times continue.

Pastor Josh

March 19, 2020

First, we will be broadcasting our Worship Service online via Facebook Live like we did last week. We will be doing this for the next three weeks for sure (March 22, March 29 and April 5).  We are waiting a little bit to make the call on Easter Sunday (Sunday, April 12).  I want to encourage you to watch our livestream and share it with your family and friends.  I will be preaching about worry and anxiety and what the Bible has to say about it out of Matthew 6 this Sunday.  Our band, singers, Matt and myself will be here at the church because it will be “live”, not recorded.  We will do this at the 11:00 a.m. service so tune in at 11:00 a.m.  We are also thinking of recording a Wednesday night worship time with some music and scripture/devotional and sending it out at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday evening so that you can watch it with your family during the week.  Also, and importantly, I am going to do a daily (Monday-Friday) livestream devotional and prayer time for our church family starting today at 2:00 p.m. There are many people staying home right now and we could all use this encouragement.  Please participate in this and send it to your friends, too.  They need encouragement as well!

Second, we are going to suspend our Sunday evening programming (children, youth and adults), our Wednesday evening programming (choir and youth) and all our weekly programming (ladies Bible study, ESL, and MOPS) until April 13.  We are doing this to go along with all the recommendations coming out of CDC, the White House and local counties and school districts.  Valerie (Children’s Director), Anne-Marie (Early Childhood Director) and Austin (Student Minister) want to encourage and equip our parents  to be the spiritual leaders of your families during these days.

Third, all of the outside groups that use our church facilities (Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Katy Classical Academy and other groups that use our building on occasion) will not be meeting until April 13.  We will reevaluate at that time.

Fourth, we want to encourage everyone to not forget their tithes and offerings!  Churches could really be in trouble because most of us depend on meeting together to receive tithes and offerings.  If we don’t meet, it is really easy for people to default into “out of sight, out of mind” thinking.  We have 30% of our church membership giving online which means most of us give when we come to church.  Please don’t forget to drop your check by the church office (we are keeping normal office hours) or give online.  Thank you so much for doing this!  Thank you for not forgetting your church!  Please know that we are fully aware that some families will be hurting economically because of job layoffs or having their hours/salaries cut.  You know that Trinity helps with benevolence for our members, and we will continue to do that.  But we need to be financially solid to do that.  Thank you for understanding!

Fifth, we have a lot of church events coming up that makes planning for them very tricky.  The Ladies Retreat set for this weekend is looking to be postponed.  It looks like the venue that was hosting our ladies will honor that (all the money has been sent in) and we will be able to have it later this fall or even next spring at the same time.  Church camps and mission trips are another matter!  Austin is working with the BGCT and Super Summer and the Missions Team is considering the Family Mission Trip to Oklahoma.  Both of those events are early in June and deadlines and information meetings are coming up in April!  We have NOT made a definite call on those, but we are thinking that those events may not happen…stay tuned for more information.  We are tentatively moving forward with Vacation Bible School planning (we still want volunteers to sign up). VBS is in July and is up in the air as well but perhaps a little more possible depending on how quickly the corona virus peaks and dissipates.  Our August events are more probable (pre-teen camp and International Mission Trip) but we shall see.  Please just stay involved as more information will be forthcoming as soon as we make those decisions.

Sixth, we are going to be very creative with Holy Week this year.  We are having to do this because Easter falls within the time frame of everything being closed!  We are thinking of having a Maundy Thursday Drive Through Communion Service!  I (and staff) will be at a station in our parking lot for families to line up in their cars to partake of the Lord’s Supper reverently and prayerfully from their cars!  We already have ordered (and paid for) our Easter Eggs for the family Easter Egg hunt on Saturday (April 11) so again, we will have families come and pick them up at the church (bags will be prepared) to have an Easter Egg hunt at home.  We are brainstorming something similar for Good Friday and Easter Sunday morning!  One idea was to have an FM Transmitter sending the Easter Morning Sermon from a podium under our cross to all the cars in the parking lot on a set FM channel!  And then organize dozens of homes around our church where folks could gather in groups of ten for fellowship!!  50 homes could handle 500 people! Great ideas, right!!  Please keep praying…God will be honored through this time!

Finally, we want to be proactive in ministering to our church family at this time.  There is a COVID-19 page on our website where these letters and updates will be posted.  Please use this for keeping up with what we are doing.  We truly want to minister to people, so we are looking for ways to have Bible studies and meetings online.  We want to facilitate our ladies Bible studies, Sunday morning classes, the youth group to be able to connect online so we are looking at an online platform to do that.

Whew!  So much going on and there is more!  But enough for now.  Please pray and tune in at 2:00 pm for prayer and a devotional.

God Bless!

Pastor Josh

March 15, 2020

Hello again Trinity family,

We were so glad to see that those of you who were unable to join us this morning were able to take advantage of our live-stream of today’s services through Facebook. If you would like to watch the recording from this morning, they are available HERE under “videos”.

In an abundance of caution, we have decided to suspend our Sunday evening discipleship for today, March 15, 2020. No one will be meeting at the church today at 4:30 pm.

Stay healthy and safe!

March 12, 2020

Good Afternoon Trinity!

Hello again from your friendly church staff offices!  Just wanted to follow up the corona virus update from Trinity and let you know what is happening especially as KISD is going to announce tomorrow what our schools are going to do and Fort Bend County has made an announcement, too.

First, we WILL have our regular Sunday worship services and Sunday evening children and youth groups.  Please come and worship…it will be a wonderful time of normalcy and closeness with the Lord in an unsettling time.

Will there be anything different on Sunday?  A little bit…but not much.  1) We want to encourage those of you who are feeling sick, have compromised immune systems or have been traveling abroad and are going to “self-quarantine” anyway to watch our livestream this Sunday.  Actually, it is going to be Facebook Live but you can watch our service online.  2) Also, please stop by your local coffee shop or bring a cup of coffee from home as we will NOT brew coffee here at church.  There are many hands touching the spigot on the coffee pot and stir sticks and cups and…well, you get it.  3) We are doing name tags this month and we still want folks to wear them but we will have wipes and/or hand sanitizer available for you to clean your hands after you make your name tag.  4) During our welcome time in the service, feel free to fist bump, elbow bump or wave to your brother or sister but please do not shake hands.  I know that’s going to be a tough one.

Thanks so much and be blessed and safe!

Pastor Josh

March 11, 2020

Good Afternoon Trinity!

Most of you have probably heard the press conference given by the mayor of Houston at lunch time today saying that the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo has been closed for the time being.  This seems to have increased the level of awareness here in Houston and I wanted to write this email to let you know that your church staff is keeping up with the corona virus situation and what measures we are taking to try and keep everyone as safe as possible.  First, we should remember that we as Christians should not respond with fear and anxiety but with common sense and caution.  So that is what we are trying to do.

Please know that we are asking our cleaning crew to take extra time and care to sanitize our restrooms and places of high contact (doorknobs, cabinet handles).  We also have bottles of hand sanitizer in our classrooms for you to use.  Our early childhood ministry and children’s ministry are going to be vigilant in wiping down areas of high use and keeping things as clean as possible.  As you know, our church family travels all over the world because of business and vacations.  Our staff is asking those that have traveled outside the country to take a couple of weeks off from teaching in our early childhood and children’s classrooms just out of precaution.  We want our parents to know we value highly their children’s health.

Our church is of a size that we are not going to cancel our worship services any time soon.  Most places around the world are limiting large crowd gatherings of 1,000 or so.  Sporting events and our own beloved rodeo are prime examples.  When our church gathers, we have about 300 – 350 folks.  If we are careful to practice good hygiene, there shouldn’t be a need to cancel our services.  We will be monitoring the situation and will keep you updated if anything changes.

Be safe and blessed!  See you Sunday!

Pastor Josh