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Family Missions

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Past Family Mission Trips

Trinity Baptist Church annually organizes family friendly mission efforts.  Children and teens can work alongside their parents and other church members on these trips. We’ve done a wide variety of projects, such as hosting block parties, renovating homes and churches in disaster areas, leading Vacation Bible schools, and providing sports camps for children. All of these efforts are gifts from Trinity to the local churches in the area.


After a traumatic flood in 2017, Trinity visited Holden, LA to partner with Magnolia Baptist Church. Together we hosted Vacation Bible School, a block party, and worked on general church clean up and organization. The next three years visiting Louisiana was a time of learning, fellowship, and serving. We were so thankful to have a handful of members from our sister church, Magnolia Baptist,  join us for our 2019 VBS here in Katy!


Trinity worked with a church in Delisle, Mississippi leading a week long soccer camp. We also did Vacation Bible School and worked with low income communities to build a community center.


For many years, we were part of the development of “The Zoo Church” in Dennard, Arkansas. The Zoo Church was literally a zoo at one time; a roadside attraction that had been abandoned for several years until a local congregation bought the property and began renovations.

South Texas

We’ve helped several towns in South Texas with Vacation Bible School, small construction projects, and marriage enrichment conferences for young married couples.


After the landfall of Hurricane Katrina, Trinity assisted in the clean up and recovery in the town of Bay Saint Louis. As a young church founded in 2004, half of our congregation attended this mission trip.

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