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International Missions

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International Missions

Trinity encourages and supports international missions by providing at least one trip every year. These mission trips are for adults and parents who wish to bring their older teens.


Currently, we are partnering with a church in Trinidad and Tobago. We helped with their VBS of about 35 children, held a weekend revival over three nights, and did home visitation. Interestingly, Evangel Tabernacle (the church in Trinidad) was ministering to Venezuelan refugees while we were there and we got to hold revival services in English and Spanish! Our last night, we had a group of over 120 people…a huge blessing to a church that averages 50-60! God is good! We eagerly anticipate our return next year in 2020.


Trinity worked with a local church in Punta Gorda, Belize. We roofed the church and did some construction for their building. We also led VBS for their local church and a church outside of town.

Costa Rica

Trinity worked alongside a church called Nueva Vida. We participated in this church’s ministries in Heredia, Costa Rica. Pastor Rudy and this church have extensive ministries in the city ranging from a drama ministry to feeding the homeless population. One year we also ministered to an indigenous Indian group outside of the city.


Trinity worked with a church in Santa Clara, Cuba for three years. During that time, we helped start four other missions out of that church.  The work in Cuba is particularly challenging as it is a communist country, but God’s work is incredibly blessed there.


We thank God that we live in a time in which overseas missions can be such a viable and vibrant part of our ministry at Trinity.

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