Stations of the Cross

A Walk Through Jesus’ Journey to the Cross

Thursday, April 14
Sunday, April 17
all day

We encourage you to use this guide as you walk through the stations in-person at Trinity Baptist Church of Katy to gain the full experience of Stations of the Cross. This guide also is available for use for anyone who may be unable to physically walk through the stations.

Stations of the Cross will be modified and geared in person toward children on Saturday, April 16 during the Easter Egg Hunt.

Notes as you begin:

Take your time – there is no need to rush – if someone behind you is going faster than you are – simply allow them to pass through the station ahead of you.

Scan the QR code with your phone camera or take the handout available at the beginning of the experience.

Watch the short devotional given by one of these Pastors:
Trinity Baptist of Katy Pastor, Josh Guajardo;
Redeemer Community Church Pastor, Mitch Maher;
Waypoint Church Pastor, Paul Cockrell.

Read the Scripture again using your phone.

Reflect on the moment Christ experienced and how He faced it for you.

Pray as the Lord leads you.
Prayer Example: Lord, as I reflect upon Your experience, I am astounded by your utter humanness.  You are truly God and truly man.  You are God with us, thus you are God with me.  You stand with me in hard times.  You encourage me and intercede for me.  How I thank You for who You are, for what You have done, and for what You are doing in my life today.  Amen.

Continue to the next station.

Follow the links below to view a short video devotional to accompany each station as you walk through Jesus’ journey.

Join us again this weekend for other Easter Events at Trinity.